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La canzonе italiana

"Italian passion"

Concert of young performers La canzoné italiana




Director - Elena Medyakova

Project author, consultant - Victor Skorobogatov
The concert will be attended by: Alexander Roslavets (Artist of the Youth Program of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia), laureates of international competitions Yuri Gorodetsky, Maria Shabunya, Ilya Silchukov


Conductor - Ivan Kostyakhin

"Somehow it is customary to differentiate the concepts of" public theater "and" public of a separate performance. "Judging by the warm reception of the audience, this concert (in the form of a mini-play) managed to unify these two concepts, and subdued all - and those who are looking in the theater entertainment, and those who go there for high art.And from the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus presented at the VI Minsk International Opera Forum the concert was won by all: singers who once again sang their "crown" numbers on stage and orchestraists , clearly received the performance of familiar melodies, and, above all, the public, who had the good fortune to hear so many well-known musical hits in one evening. "

Alieva Ulkar
Doctor of Arts, Professor of the Azerbaijan National Conservatory


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