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Классика у Ратуши, дирижер Иван Костяхин



Immortal Mozart, a unique Austrian horn and music therapy for the whole evening. Thousands of spectators gathered a festival of classical music near the Minsk City Hall.

The mood of the "Austrian Sabbath" - the so-called first concert of the festival - created the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Overture to the opera "The Wedding of Figaro", the 40th Symphony and "The Little Night Serenade" from the first notes filled the Upper City with the atmosphere of Austria of the 18th century. The staff of "MusicCom of the Orchestra" surprised the guests with a special sound in the open air, which included musicians of the highest level, well known in Belarus and abroad, and behind the conductor's panel - maestro Ivan Kostyakhin.

The concert program was designed so that it was interesting not only to connoisseurs and admirers of academic music.

Ivan Kostyakhin, conductor of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater: "It is known that Mozart's music has a therapeutic effect, and we arranged here such a musical-therapeutic evening, the evening of purification, the renewal of the soul.


The joy and fullness of life is felt-such is the music of Mozart. "

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Классика у Ратуши дирижер Иван Костяхин
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