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The annual "Evenings of the Bolshoi Theater in the Radziwill Castle" in Nesvizh is a project supporting the wonderful European tradition of open-air festivals. For the years of its existence, the festival has gained its individual style and has become popular with avid music lovers and theatergoers, as well as tourists and lovers of leisure in the historical surroundings. It is no coincidence that one of the most beautiful palace and park ensembles in Europe - the residence of the princely family of the Radziwills in Nesvizh - became its venue.

Concert programs, creative evenings of the Bolshoi soloists, opera and ballet performances of Belarusian, Russian and European composers - a palette of pleasures for connoisseurs of musical theater at the "Evenings" is very diverse.

In the unique premiere project "Ballet Evening: From the Century to the XXI Century", presented at the 2014 Festival, the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus suggested tracing the story of the plotless dance in his masterpieces and seeing the brilliant productions of contemporary masters. The second ("Serenade" in the choreography of J. Balanchine) and the third ("Six Dances" by I. Kilian) of the department of this program were sounded by maestro Ivan Kostyakhin.

On the last day of the festival the Bolshoi Theater invited the audience to discover the work of Antonio Salieri, whose musical achievements are very impressive and deserve it. The author of the orchestral editorial and conductor of the play "Prima la musica, poi le parole" ("First music, then words") - Ivan Kostyakhin.


Несвиж, Иван Костяхин
Несвиж, Беларусь, музыкальные вечера, дирижер Иван Костяхин
Дирижер Иван Костяхин Минск Беларусь
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