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дирижер Иван Костяхин


«Under Ivan Kostyakhin's baton, the orchestra (strings especially) played with wonderful warmth, and the cast was on level you'd feel pleased to find anywhere in the world».

John Allison / «Opera», February 2017


«Disclosure of the ideas of opera in their primordiality is a noble task, which the authors of the play set themselves and with glitter embodied it. Musically, "Kashchei", of course, turned out. The complicated score was excellently voiced by the orchestra of the theater under the guidance of maestro Ivan Kostyahin: it was palpable that this music is close to the conductor, that he understands it, knows how to give it and what to say in it»


«All three ancient operas ("Rita" by G. Donizetti, "Theater Director" by WA Mozart, "First Music, Then Words" by A. Salieri) were particularly successful in musical terms: the young maestro Ivan Kostyakhin managed to realize the ease of style, pass the playfulness The atmosphere of the unfolding action, the operatic voices of soloists for whom the heavy repertoire on the big stage is common (the same soloists who sang in the "Dutchman" and "Turandot" took part in the performances), acquired spontaneity and grace»


«The orchestra under the direction of maestro Ivan Kostyakhin sounded very dynamic, easy, like the music of the brilliant composer (VA Mozart) - a lively, funny, life-affirming one. And the main thing is that all performers both on stage and in the orchestra pit had courage and excitement, and they skillfully gave it to the audience»

Ulkar Aliyeva


«The audience was fascinated by the virtuoso playing of the orchestra and the charm of the conductor Ivan Kostyakhin»

Oksana Yanovskaya





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