Stanislav Moniuszko
"Verbum Nobile"
("The Word of Honor")



The musical house "Classic" within the framework of the project "Chamber Music Theater" Gallery "represented the premiere of the one-act opera by the famous Belarusian composer Stanislav Moniuszko" Verbum Nobile "(" The Word of Honor ").

The opera was written in 1861 in Warsaw, where S. Moniuszko lived and worked at that time, and was never stage in Belarus.

The musical house "Classic" decided to return this work to the author's homeland and present it to the Belarusian public.

... Maturity and youth, pride and love - what will be the choice?

The author of the orchestra editorial and conductor-producer in the new genre of chamber opera for modern Belarus is Ivan Kostyakhin.

The director is Elena Medyakova.

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