Evening of romances


Melodious and touching, sincere and lyrical, Russian romances always talked to the listener in his language. They sang about the most important thing, that at all times worried about every person - about love, separation, longing from home. As in no other genre, music and poetry have reached a perfect harmony in the romance. Romances of Russian composers have always adorned the repertoire of famous singers. At the same time, many performers admit that no operatic work confronts them with such complex psychological tasks as another romance.

The program included popular works, including "Only once", "I loved you", "Seized by a rose, a nightingale," "Morning misty," "Hey, coachman," "Oh, if I could express in sound," " Burn, burn, my star, "" Do not sing, beauty. "

The highlight of the evening is the unusual sounding of romances in the editorial office for a voice accompanied by a chamber orchestra. The large volume, scale of the stage and the hall of the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus made an interesting contrast with the trusting, "home" intonational system of old romances. Due to the soft, correct, but emotionally rich sound of the chamber staff of the theater orchestra, well-known and beloved works played with new colors, without losing the lyric intimacy of utterance, liveliness and confidence of communication.


The author of the orchestral editions and musical director of the project is Ivan Kostyakhin.

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