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  Ivan Kostyakhin studied in Minsk, at the Belarusian State Conservatory (today is the Academy of music), as an opera and symphony conductor, also a conductor-choirmaster. The interest in ensemble and choral music of different periods and styles as well as in Russian spiritual music was promoted by the teaching of Viktor Rovdo, professor, People's Artist of the USSR, the continuer of the tradition of Russian and East Slavic choral music coming from A. Sveshnikov. Acquaintance with the creativity of a major Russian conductor, professor, People's Artist of Russia Gennady Provatorov determined the future of Ivan Kostyakhin on the way of the opera and symphony conducting. After receiving the Master of Arts degree in choral conducting in 2001, Ivan continued his education in the class of professor Gennady Provatorov, one of the major specialists in the field of Russian symphonic and opera music.

The creative interests of the conductor have always been and continue to be very diverse, including projects with chamber music, brass, symphony orchestras, vocal ensembles. In 2000 Ivan Kostyakhin was the creator of the student string chamber orchestra "Sonante" as well as its leader, in 2001 he became chief conductor of the Minsk "Nemiga" state wind orchestra, which performed as music by contemporary national composers of Belarus, including the world premiere of the Concerto №1 for piano and orchestra "The birth of Christianity" by A. Kozlova, as well as transcriptions of complex polyphonic works from I. S. Bach to Krz. Penderecki, vocal music and instrumental accompaniments. In 2002 MSWO "Nemiga", directed by Ivan Kostyakhin, became the winner of the Festival of wind orchestras "Yaroslavl Fanfares" (Yaroslavl, Russia).

Also Ivan Kostyakhin collaborated with such orchestras as the National Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, the State Chamber Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, the symphony orchestra of BelTR company, «Minsk Orchestra», the State Ulyanovsk state academic symphony orchestra (Russia), NATOB of the Republic of Tajikistan symphony orchestra, BelSAM "Young Belarus” symphony orchestra, MuzzicDom orchestra (Minsk). 


дирижер Иван Костяхин

  Wide musical interests led the conductor to the field of musical theater. In 2003 Ivan Kostyakhin became the conductor of the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus. There are more than 30 opera and ballet performances of different periods and styles in the repertoire of the maestro, as well as numerous works for symphony, chamber and wind orchestra, opera and ballet scenes, accompaniments and instrumental concertos. Having a vocal and conductor choirmaster education, wide erudition, good piano mastering, possessing the skills of ensemble and solo singing, Ivan Kostyakhin knowingly works as a coach for vocal soloists, helping them to create a stage and vocal image, as well as being on top of the form.

Ivan Kostyakhin is one of the creators and a permanent participant of a unique Grand New Year Ball in the Belarus’ National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre.

  The conductor's special passion is Mozart's music, but his heart also belongs to the Russian and Italian opera, and in addition to russian symphonic music. Also his attention and creativity are directed to the preservation and development of the Belarusian national classical music. In connection with it there is even an informal nickname for him, «Moniuszko», in the Bolshoj theatre of Belarus.

Ivan Kostyakhin finds his own, special sound for each work or performance, to disclose the meanings laid down by the author; he is constantly in search of new sounds and forms. In 2014 Ivan became the generator of idea and the author of orchestra editions of a unique Evening of Lyrical Songs – project, accompanied by chamber orchestra on the main stage of the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus.

  Maestro possesses such a theatrical "know-how" as orchestra editions for chamber ensembles (9-20 musicians) of opera scores by Mozart, Salieri, Moniuszko, Donizetti; construction and creation of atmosphere of musical action in various acoustic conditions of different concert halls.

The conductor has experience of co-operation with such directors as Vladimir Vasiliev, Nikita Dolgushin, Plamen Kartalov. He is also a permanent participant of such festivals as "Minsk International Christmas opera forum", "Ballet Summer in the Bolshoi", "The Classic at the Town Hall", "Evenings of the Bolshoi Theater in the castle of the Radziwills", and also opera and ballet productions, theatrical concert programs.

Professional experience and the ability to find immediate contact with the performers allow Ivan Kostyakhin to come out from difficult situations with honor, as in June 2017, when he had to replace his colleague-conductor urgently for 1 day and to conduct "Aida" without preparation and rehearsals. The performance was completely successful.

  In addition to conducting, maestro also leads an active pedagogical working. He is the artistic director and conductor of the chamber orchestra of the Republican College of Arts. Graduates of the orchestra class of Ivan Kostyakhin successfully perform in all leading orchestras of Belarus, as well as orchestras of Belgium, Germany, Russia, Estonia. Ivan is always eager to share his knowledge and experience with students, teaching at the Department of Opera Training of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, where he acted as musical director of the Opera Studio performances.

In 2014-2016 Ivan Kostyakhin took part in the working of the Russian-Belarusian Youth symphony orchestra (Musical director from the Belarusian side). He was awarded the gratitude of the Secretary of State of the Union State "for significant personal contribution to the successful work of the Belarusian-Russian Youth Symphony Orchestra, preservation and development of international cultural ties."

Ivan is also awarded with diplomas of the IV and VI Minsk International Christmas Operational Forum and the international festival "Ballet Summer in the Bolshoi".


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