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Ivan Kostyakhin: "Music includes creative energy." Interview for the magazine "Alesya"

April 06, 2016

Conductor of the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus Ivan Kostyakhin is only 38 years old, and it is considered that this is the profession of the "second half of life". Recently, the premiere of the world-famous ballet "The Little Death" by Jiri Kilian to the music of Mozart, where the conductor-director was made by Ivan, was successfully performed on the stage of the theater. He also took part in the production of Verdi's opera Macbeth on the Belarusian stage, the premiere took place on 19-20 March. In the summer, as in the past year, Ivan again can be seen as the conductor of the music festival "Classics at the Town Hall".

"Conducting is the profession of all life. Because there will not be a second half, if not the first, "Ivan Kostyakhin is sure.

- The traditional, probably, question: at what point did you decide that you would connect life with music?

"The fact that my life will be connected with music, my parents understood early. My first solo performance took place ... at the Vnukovo airport. We flew from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don with our family, and our flight was detained for some reason. The day was special: on December 31, several hours remained before the New Year. Tired and frustrated passengers gathered in the waiting room ... And then the boy, four years old, comes out and starts performing his favorite songs: from the adored movie "Three Musketeers", the repertoire of Alla Pugacheva, Muslim Magomayev. In general, and the people pretty amused, and, of course, sweets "earned."

Once in our kindergarten came the teachers from the musical lyceum (now - the Republican Music College at the Belarusian State Medical University - Author's note) and asked: "And who among you guys likes to perform?" Sing or read poetry? "The teacher pointed at me and said:" This is this boy. " So I turned out to be a pupil of the musical lyceum at the Belarusian Conservatory. By the way, it was already too late to submit documents to the preparatory group (it was in the spring), and I was immediately taken to the 1 st class, because I did not know the notes well and sang well. The first year of training was quite complicated. But I was attracted by the special atmosphere of the educational institution, where only music reigns and where everyone - both teachers and students - is endlessly devoted to it.

Interview for the magazine "Parterre"

February 01, 2015

Conducting is directing through music, because musical drama is the main driving force of action, and this has not been denied by anyone yet. The role of the conductor-director is to make this musical drama meaningful, revealed and understood both by the performers and by the public. The most diverse ideas, dramatic clashes, comic and tragic situations are instinctively perceived through music. After all, in the musical theater the first word is "musical", which means "theater through music," which is a special way of knowing the world, and therefore the conductor-producer is certainly no less important for the process of the birth of a musical performance than the director. And only in mutual understanding these creators can be born something worthwhile.I say this not just because I'm a conductor, but because there is a certain moral duty to the author who created the score - the very Rosetta stone with hieroglyphics, the meanings of which we must decipher, to solve.


I believe that conducting is the profession of all life. If you do not engage in this profession in the first half of life, as a rule, it will not be in the second. Although there are, of course, exceptions. It is necessary to come to some principles, and his own, the conductor's work is always comprehension, comprehension, some sort of intuitive breakthrough. Our profession will always be individual, subjective, every conductor is a piece work, there are no two identical conductors. And without the very first half, when you accumulate it, you try to get in, take off, break through, scratch in some way into the world of images and meanings - without the fact that it was formed in the first half of professional life, there will be no second one. I did not see any real conductor, who would bore his profession, it's such a magical thing when you have the opportunity to go outside the console and create a world, a fairy tale, tell a story, without a single word being uttered and even turning your face towards the listener. And people will understand you.

Interview for the portal "KULTPROSVET"

October 18, 2015

"The theater is always a calling and a disease,

and slightly diagnosed "...

This time Ivan Kostyakhin conducted us behind the scenes of the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus. It was on July 11 that he conducted a concert on Freedom Square. Then, under the open sky, the compositions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were performed for the Minsk audience.


text: Olga Borshcheva, "Cultural enlightenment"
photo: Olga Moroz, the hero's archive

Interview for Network Media Newspapers of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia

August 04, 2015

"Recently, the tour of the Youth Belarusian-Russian Symphony Orchestra dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory in the Union State"



To the number: 34 (625) from 05 August 2015.

Interview for the portal "Belarus Today"

February 28, 2008

"Eyes burn when looking at the score" ...

Today in the Belarusian opera premiere of "Kashcheya immortal", the works of "the great and terrible" musical storyteller, the Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Why the play-fairy tale is not in the children's time, says the conductor-director

Ivan Kostyakhin.
- Rimsky-Korsakov, in the guise of a fairy tale, actually created a parable about the thirst for power. Here is the irony: the eternal life of Kashchei is not much different from death - there are no living feelings for him in a long time, he is tired. He was tired of being afraid if his daughter was well guarded by his death, which is hidden in her teardrop. That's Kashcheye's love and destroyed the dark kingdom.

Author of the publication: Elena LISOVA Date of publication: 29.02.2008

Interview for the Permanent Committee of the Union State

March 16, 2016

"Everything begins when a person goes beyond the scope of everyday life" ...

On May 10, the Concert of the Youth Belarusian-Russian Symphony Orchestra took place in the Hall of Commanders of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Moscow. Before the beginning of the performance, right at the last rehearsal, our correspondent asked the creative leaders of the collective about how they manage to educate future stars of the performing arts of the Union State.


Prepared by Alexey Arkhipov

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