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Ivan Kostyakhin

«Under Ivan Kostyakhin's baton, the orchestra (strings especially) played with wonderful warmth, and the cast was on level you'd feel pleased to find anywhere in the world». John Allison / «Opera», February 2017


- More than 30 opera and ballet performances as well as numerous concert performances, scenas, accompaniments, instrumental concerts and symphonic compositions are in the conductor’s repertoire.


- The conductor possesses such theatrical "know-how" as orchestra editions for chamber ensembles (9-20 musicians) of opera scores by Mozart, Salieri, Moniuszko, Donizetti; construction and creation of atmosphere of musical action in various acoustic conditions of different concert halls.


- Having a vocal training and being a qualified conductor-choirmaster, possessing skills of ensemble and solo singing, the conductor works expertly as a coach to vocal soloists by assisting them with creation of scene and vocal image as well as in being of top of form.


- He is one of the creators and a permanent participant of a unique Grand New Year Ball project in the Belarus’ National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre.


- Mr. Kostyakhin is the generator of idea and the author of orchestra editions of a unique Evening of Lyrical Songs project accompanied by chamber orchestra on the main stage of National Belarusian Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.


- He is a permanent participant of opera and ballet productions on the main and small stages of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus, theatrical concert programs.


- He has experience of co-operation with such directors as Vladimir Vasiliev, Nikita Dolgushin, Plamen Kartalov, and Mikhail Pandjavidze.


- Mr. Kostyakhin is the conductor and an active participant of the Russian-Belarusian Youth Symphonic Orcherstra (YSO), a creative project of the Belarus-Russia Union State.

Ivan Kostyakhin




Republican Lyceum (College) of Belarusian State Academy of Music

choral conducting

with honours



Belarusian State Academy of Music

choral conducting
(class of senior lecturer L.A.Shimanovitch)

with honours



Master Degree
(class of professor, USSR V.V.Rovdo)

Master of Arts with honours



opera and Symphony conducting
(class of professor, Russian Federation G.P.Provatorov)

with honours

Ivan Kostyakhin

Creative Path and Experience:


1995 – 1997

Chamber Orchestra of the Republican Lyceum (artistic director and conductor – honored artist of Bealrus V.P.Perlin)

Assistant conductor


1997 – 2001

Choirmaster and conductor of various student choir and orchestra projects


2000 – 2003

Student chamber orchestra «Sonante» 
 In 2000-2003 the orchestra had several concerts within Belarus and abroad.

Inspirer of the project, artistic director and conductor


2001 – 2003

Belarusian State Academic Symphony Orchestra

Assistant condictor


2005 – 2012

Department of opera training of BSAoM (student opera studio)

Music director


2002 – 2005

Minsk State Wind Orchestra «Niemigha»

Chief conductor
Appeared as the first director of a number of works by Belarusian composers.
In 2002 the orchestra was awarded at the festival “Yaroslavian Fanfares” (Yaroslavl, Russian Federation)


2001 – at present

Co-operation and collaborate projects with:
Belarusian State Academic Symphony Orchestra, State Chamber Orchestra, Symphony orchestra of BTR Company, «Minsk Orchestra», Symphony Orchestra «Young Belarus» of BSAoM, Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ulyanovsk Philharmonic Hall, Orchestra NATOB of the Republic of Tajikistan, MusicDom Orchestra (Minsk).


2003 – at present

Belarusian National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater

Musical director

(N.Rimsky-Korsakov Mozart and Salieri, Kastchej l'Immortel, S.Monyushko Verbum Nobile, G. Donizetti Rita, W.A.Mozart Theater Director, A. Salieri Prima la musica e poi le parole,  J.S.Bach Metamorphosis)
Active participant in creation and performance of concert programs


2004 – at present

Chamber orchestra of  I. Akhremchyk State Gymnasia-College of Arts

Artistic director



Chamber Musical Theatre “Gallery” project

Musical director


2012 – at present

Author of orchestral editions of operas for chamber compositions
(finished editions: Rita by G.Donizetti, Theater Director by W.A.Mozart, Prima la musica e poi le parole by A.Salieri, Verbum Nobile by S.Monyushko)


2014 – at present

Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Russia and Belarus


Ivan Kostyakhin





G. Bizet



P. Mascagni

Cavalleria rusticana


G. Verdi


La traviata



J. D. Holland

Another’s Wealth Serves No Good


P.I. Tchaikovsky

The Queen of Spades



King Stakh's Wild Hunt



The Magic Flute

The Marriage of Figaro

Don Giovanni


R. Leoncavallo



G. Donizetti

L'elisir d'amore


H. Purcell

Dido and Aeneas



The Bear

Musical director




Mozart and Salieri

Kastchej l'Immortel



Verbum Nobile


G. Donizetti




Theater Director


A. Salieri

Prima la musica e poi le parole









L. Minkus

La Bayadère




The Fountain Of Bakhchisarai




H. S. Løvenskiold

La Sylphide






Six German Dances


P.I. Tchaikovsky

The Nutcracker



A. Adam

Le Corsaire



Till Eulenspiegel

Musical director

of student opera studio



G. Donizetti

L'elisir d'amore


G. Bizet



P.I. Tchaikovsky

The Queen of Spades



Don Giovanni


H. Purcell

Dido and Aeneas






1. "All three old operas (Rita by Donizetti, Der Schauspieldirektor (The Impresario) by Mozart,Prima la musica e poi le parole (First the music and then the words) by  Salieri) did exceptionally well in terms of music: young maestro Ivan Kostyakhin succeeded in bringing to life his facile style as well as in catching the joviality of  the unfolding play’s spirit; the opera voices of the soloists who were accustomed to the complicated big scene repertoire (the very same soloists took part in the performances who had been also singing in Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) and Turandot) gained effortlessness and charm.  At the same time, the conductor did not make anybody hide or diminish their voice – the spirit of the musical context constructed by the conductor comforted the soloists by counting on easy and delicate singing.

Minsk can’t be called the capital of authentism, but one can rightfully say that the old comic opera sounded authentically at the forum— not in terms of old instruments or singers’ special vocal technique, but in terms of the artistic understanding  of the style of the musical pieces, their genre, and hence— the appropriateness of a particular style of performing. "

The entire article here: 


2. "Interpretation of the opera ideas in their purity - that is a noble task set and brilliantly performed by the authors of the show. In terms of music, "Koschei", certainly, was a success. The elaborated musical score was perfectly performed by the orchestra under the direction of maestro Ivan Kostyakhin; it was obvious that the conductor felt close connection with the music, understood it, and knew exactly how to dish it up and what to say in it.  The level of orchestral playing was pleasantly surprising, not because there had been any doubts in qualification of the Minsk musicians, but because the material itself was highly non-trivial and demanded careful, profound, meticulous work and analysis. The performers from Minsk admirably succeeded in their work.”

The entire article here: 

Ivan Kostyakhin
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